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What to Expect During Your Free In-Home Water Test

Whether you have well water, or city water, your water may be riddled with contaminants that can have serious effects on your health. That’s why the experts at EcoWater offer a free in-home water test. We’ll figure out exactly what’s in your water, and then we’ll offer a personalized solution to get you the cleanest water you can have in your home.

However, you might still be wondering, “What can I expect during my water test?” We’re here to walk you through our simple process so you know what to expect from your free in-home water test. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Initial Consultation

The first step in the process is an initial consultation where we go over your wants and needs and any problems with your water you’ve noticed. This will help give us a better idea of what we need to keep an eye out for while we test your water, and it will also help us to better recommend the best solution possible for your needs.

Checking Existing Treatments

We’ll check out any of the existing treatments you’re already using for your water to see if they are working the way they are supposed to. If you don’t have any existing treatments, then we’ll determine which treatments will be best for your home.

Using Our Testing Kit to Get a Sample

When it’s time to test your water, we’ll get out our testing kit to perform several different tests of the water in your home. Each of these tests will help us to determine your water problems and recommend the best solution for your home water supply.

Water Smell Test

A smell test involves doing a quick smell of your water to see if there are any obvious irregularities in the smell. Water shouldn’t have a scent, but sometimes heavily contaminated water can smell like chlorine, rotten eggs, or dirt.

Faucet Test

We’ll also test your faucets to check the quality of water that comes from them. We’ll make sure your water is clear and there isn’t a lot of build-up around your faucet head. Your water should flow freely at a steady pressure, so we’ll also check your water pressure and make sure that contaminants in your water aren’t causing mineral build-up that could be affecting your water flow.

Hardness Test

How long does a whole house water filter system last

The hardness of your water is determined by how many minerals are dissolved in your water. More specifically, we’ll check how much calcium and magnesium is in your water since these minerals can cause build-up and cause your pipes to be clogged, water spots on your dishes after washing them in the dishwasher, your laundry to have mineral spots after washing it in the washing machine, and low water pressure.

TDS Test

Another test we perform is called the total dissolved solids, or TDS, test. We use a special meter to determine how solids are dissolved in your water. This test can also confirm whether or not you have hard water. Your TDS level can greatly affect the taste of your water.

Well Water pH and Nitrates Check

If you’re on well water, we’ll also do a pH test. If your water has a low pH, that means your water is more acidic. This can cause your pipes to corrode at a faster rate than normal. Our simple pH test will determine whether your water is more acidic or alkaline, and it will help us figure out if you need to balance the pH of your water to protect your pipes.

We’ll also perform a test to check for nitrates in your water. Nitrates are nitrogen molecules in your water supply, and while not harmful in small amounts, can cause health problems if they are consumed in excess.

At EcoWater, we only perform pH and nitrates tests on well water because city water supplies are already treated for both of these issues.

Diagnosing Water Problems and Recommending Solutions

After we run all of our tests, we’ll go over all of your results with you and answer any questions you have. We can then start to make recommendations for water filter solutions that will solve all of the problems we found with your water quality.

Schedule Your Free Water Test

Ready to find out what’s in your water? Schedule a free in-home water test with EcoWater! Our experts will provide you with solutions to all your water quality needs.