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Is a Whole Home Water Filter Worth It?

Whether or not a whole house water filter is worth it is subjective. However, most people agree that having a water filter in their home has been very beneficial for their family. Whole home water filters remove sediment, heavy metals, minerals, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants from your drinking water and water that comes through your faucets. Many of these contaminants can have serious health effects if they are ingested over a long period of time. But, with a whole home water filter, you can ensure your family is protected and has clean water whether you are on city water or well water.

The Benefits of Having a Whole Home Water Filter Make it Worth It

When you have clean water all throughout your home, you have peace of mind. A whole home water filter is worth it for more than just your health. Having a whole home water filter can also extend the life of your appliances and help the water pressure in your home.

Health Benefits of a Whole Home Water Filter

Having a home water filter has both internal and external health benefits. Drinking clean water makes you less susceptible to water-borne illnesses like cholera, diphtheria, dysentery, and typhoid. It also keeps you more hydrated, and it more easily flushes any toxins from your body.

How much does it cost to install a whole-house water filtration system

Being hydrated from filtered water improves:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Body temperature regulations
  • Function of muscles and joints
  • Kidney function (lower risk of UTI, kidney stones, and kidney failure).

Filtered water benefits you externally as well. When you shower with filtered water, you will begin to notice softer and healthier hair and skin, and your body won’t absorb the contaminants that are in unfiltered water.

Home Benefits of a Whole Home Water Filter

Whole home water filters benefit every part of your home from your pipes to your appliances. When your water is free from sediments and other contaminants, water flows more freely through your home, and your pipes don’t collect build-up from residuals in the water supply. This helps your appliances run more smoothly, have a longer lifespan, and keeps things like your dishwasher or washing machine from leaving residue on your dishes and clothing. The health benefits alone make a whole house water filter worth the money.

How Whole House Water Filters Work

Whole house water filtration systems are a type of filter that works at the point of entry to improve your water quality. There are several different ways in which these systems work.

Activated Carbon Filters filter water in your water line through a carbon filter that stops contaminants from passing through and acts as a sediment filter. They also help with disinfection since they reduce the majority of contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Systems are one of the best whole-house water filters that you can get for your home. They remove 99.9% of all contaminants, including chlorine and improve the flow rate of your water throughout your home.

Water Softeners work to reduce hard water in your pipes by filtering out excess minerals. Hard water can create stains on your clothing, leave spots on your dishes, and cause build-up in your pipes.

Water Conditioners work similarly to water softeners in that they remove excess minerals from your water and reduce scaling so your pipes won’t clog.

Do home water filtration systems require ongoing maintenance

Doesn’t the City Filter Pollutants?

Unfiltered water, including water that has gone through municipal water treatments, still contains contaminants such as chloramines, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, and byproducts from pesticides and insecticides. Sometimes there are even still solids present in the water supply that can have adverse health effects. Drinking or bathing with tap water that hasn’t gone through a water treatment system can damage your health over time.

Other Types of Water Filters

There are other types of water filters besides whole-house water filter systems. However, these types of systems don’t work as well as a whole-house filtration system.

You can get an under-sink filter that puts a separate spout on your countertop for filtered water. While these work great for when you need to use water for cooking or drinking, they don’t give you the benefits of a whole house system. These create better-tasting water, but they still leave you with a water source that has contaminants and other volatile organic compounds.

Water filter pitchers are another type of filter that gives you slightly cleaner water at the point of use, but most only filter a small amount of pollutants. Even bottled water is not the best option for having clean water in your home.

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