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How Safe is Fresno Drinking Water?

Although city (municipal) water has to go through a certain set of standards before it’s ready for public use, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to drink. In fact, Fresno’s water, though legally approved for use, still has over 53 different contaminants found in its municipal water supply. And, at least 17 of those contaminants exceed EcoWater’s health guidelines.


What are the legal standards of municipal water?

The legal standards for municipal water are determined by the State Water Resources Control Board. However, many of these legal standards have not been updated in over 20, and some even 40, years. And just because Fresno’s water supply technically gets a passing grade, it doesn’t mean that we can drink water straight from our tap. Since these standards have not been updated in so long, many of our current health standards are missing from these guidelines.


Which contaminants are in Fresno’s water supply?

Fresno’s water supply has over 53 different contaminants in it including flouride, bromoform, chloroform, and aluminum. But the most concerning of these are the contaminants that exceed the guidelines including arsenic, nitrates, radium, and uranium among others. While just the contaminants that are within the guidelines pose enough health risks on their own, the ones that exceed the guidelines can cause serious and irreversible damage to your health, or even result in death.


Is there chlorine in my drinking water in Fresno?

There has been an ongoing discussion about how safe the drinking water in Fresno, CA actually is. There have especially been a lot of rumors going around that Fresno’s water has a dangerous amount of chlorine in it. With these talks of contaminated water, many people have been looking for a solution to protect their family’s health.

While this rumor has been around for quite some time now, it’s simply not true. Fresno does not have chlorine in its drinking water. However, that doesn’t mean that the city’s water doesn’t contain any other contaminants. After testing, it has been found that Fresno’s water contains a large amount of Chromium 6, a highly toxic metal that isn’t regulated by the EPA. While it still remains free from regulations, it has been discovered that Chromium 6 is a carcinogen when it is inhaled. It can lead to medical problems such as acute respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, hepatic disease, and renal disease.


Where does Fresno’s water supply come from?

Although many homes in the Fresno area have their own source of water, the municipal water supply comes from over 260 underground wells and is drawn from the Fresno Sole Source Aquifer. Since Fresno is also very close to several lakes and mountain ranges, it also sometimes draws water from these sources as well. These sources, however, don’t mean that the water supply is safe to drink from. And even though these sources go through processing, contaminants can still be found in the water supply.


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Do I need a water filtration system for my drinking water in Fresno?

Although Fresno drinking water meets the legal standards, you will still need a water filtration system to filter out contaminants that are not being treated in the tap water supply. Unfortunately, buying a water filter pitcher just won’t be enough. Whole home water filtration systems give you the purest water you can have, so you never have to worry about having safe water to drink. Home water filtration systems make your home and body more healthy because they make your hair smoother, skin softer, appliances last longer and run better, and they cause less damage to your pipes over time.

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