Water Dispensers

Water Dispensers

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Water coolers have long been the location of office joking, but let’s face it: They’re kind of a joke themselves. Heavy, awkward, always in need of reloading and deliveries…there must be a better way. And there is! Countertop water dispensers offer a constant supply of clean, fresh, cool water without heavy bottles or constant deliveries. Replace your old water cooler with a new EcoWater countertop water dispenser and enjoy better water. No convenient counter? Stand-alone water dispensers will replace that old jug system with a smaller footprint, AND a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Eliminate heavy 42lb. bottles.
  • Continuous supply of water.
  • Extra available office space.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • $$ Save over 50% on your monthly water bill!


Why Hydrate Your Office?

Proper Hydration

The average adult loses around two quarts of water or approximately one percent of your body weight every day.

So what? you may ask.


“The number one reason for early fatigue is dehydration, not a lack of fuel.”
Dr. Julie Burns

This could mean you are getting less production in your office due to fatigue caused by dehydration. Water is essential. Good water promotes better health and productivity. Replace a can of soda with a glass of water and see the benefits.


Optimum Health

75% of Americans and 90% of the worlds population are chronically dehydrated leading a host of potentially preventable ailments.

Dehydration is easier to prevent than treat.

Ideal Productivity

Drinking sufficient water is critical for our health and maintaining good performance on the job.

When we look at the fundamentals that lead to vibrant health and peek performance, right on top of the list is drink the right water in the right quantity.
Harvey Diamond, PhD

For more information on EcoWater products, or to place an order, call EcoWater Central California at (559) 439-2010.


For more information on EcoWater products, call EcoWater Central California at 1-888-598-3326.