What EcoWater can do for You!

What EcoWater can do for You!

EcoWater Systems provides equipment for every place in your life: home, restaurant, office and commercial applications.

You have taken the first step!

EcoWater of Central California is committed to improving the health of your family by improving the quality of your water. We are the exclusive dealer of EcoWater home water treatment systems and commercial water treatment for Central California and the surrounding area. EcoWater offers:

  • Whole-Home Treatment Systems
  • Commercial Water Treatment Systems
  • Bottleless Water Coolers for Offices
  • Reverse Osmosis/Drinking Water Systems
  • The Industry’s Only Validated Water Refiner
  • Best Warranties in the Industry
  • State-Of-The-Art Digital Remote Monitor
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain
  • Fully Automated, Advanced Water Systems
  • Financing Plans Available and Major Credit Cards Accepted

Call today for a free water test and consultation 1-888-598-3326 or contact us via email.

Reasons to CHOOSE EcoWater Systems

Saves Your Time and Money

Time and time again, we’ll show you how to save time and money. With EcoWater you’ll have more time and money.

Dependable and EcoLogical

EcoWater Since 1925.

The Leader in the Industry.

Changing One Tap at a Time.

It’s That Good!

Great Tasting


Clean Water Daily

For more information on EcoWater products, call EcoWater Central California at 1-888-598-3326.